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Fostering Professional Expertise

Professional Expertise makes a crucial difference to being able to anticipate customers’ needs and business objectives through innovative solutions. High-performing employees enjoy structured yet flexible offers of recognition, reward and influence.

With more than 100 domains of expertise reaching from food industries to agriculture and vehicles, DAL Group provides a vast playing-field for talented people to explore their professional potential, by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to reach full potential in addition to networking with other peers and leaders to innovate, collaborate and share knowledge.

30 % are International Staff
2000 Specialists

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What Makes Dal Group Employer of the Choice?

Experts are selected for their strong expertise in business development, management, engineering, finance, science and technology and their active contribution to innovation. Our experts demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, a customer-oriented mindset, backed by superior analytical and decision-making skills.

DAL Group opens a wide range of possibilities for motivated employees and ensures that everyone benefits from the diversity that each talent brings. DAL Group is a great place to work and to develop to your highest potential. It also builds extremely strong and lasting networks within the Group.


Diversity is at the core of DAL Group Business:

DAL Group diversity is a source of creativity and dynamism which lead to better performance. It helps us to respond to the complex challenges in our markets, it sparks innovation, and it contributes to value creation for customers, partners and society.

Come To Sudan, and explore the richness of the African continent. And come to DAL Group, and live your career aspiration.