Sulafa Elzein , HR Manager

“Etude Sur La Protoxyde D’Azote”; that was the title of the French article I had to translate as part of my interview exam in 1994 at Liquid Air Company. I was a young fresh graduate who stumbled in a vacancy ad in the newspaper looking for a French Language Graduate.

I was very lucky for having excellent dedicated mangers and mentors who believed in my capabilities. I climbed the ladder from the bottom up, started with a junior admin officer doing French Language translation and some other junior tasks to becoming a Head of Section to Human Resources & Admin Head of Department in a 22 years old journey.

Liquid Air is my first and forever love, it flows in my blood, I even feel that the sun shines more brighter in Khartoum Industrial Area because of it.. Liquid Air is a living human being to me.

Work life taught me great lessons that helped me a lot in my work and personal life; we all know that learning is never an easy task.. I now knew pretty good things about work and people and yet, as long as there is a day called “tomorrow” there will be something new to learn… tomorrow.. tomorrow.. I love you tomorrow.. you’re only a day away.

After 22 years, ya shabab, believe me when I say:

•           Never let go of your valuable principles because of circumstances.. Change circumstance in a way that helps you hold firmly your principles. Right is right and wrong is wrong.. they might mix for a while but it will be adjusted at the end.. so you have to choose where to stand from the beginning.

•           Just be yourself.. focus on your own development.. do not focus on what others do and what others receive.

•           There are always good people who help and encourage you without looking for pay back, keep yourself surrounded by these ones and be one of them so as to help others. Yes, they are rare but if you look good you will find them, no one wins alone. On the other hand there are also bad and negative guys.. do not let them affect you or your decisions with their negativity or false “fancy” arguments, actually that is their only mission in life.. I watch Natural Geography a lot; there are a lot of useless as well as harmful creatures, till you figure out the purpose of their creation keep a distance from them.

•           Never seek appreciation from others even your boss.. you are an adult, do the right things only.. with or without appreciation… raise up yourself by yourself with good qualities. If you don’t know what good qualities are, seek the definition in the dictionary. It is all about attitude.. if you have all the international certificates and you behave wrongly.. then nature will do its part to exterminate you.. Sooner or later.

•           Sometimes it needs only a simple smile to put things in the right track and save things from falling apart… so, SMILE 🙂

Sulafa Elzein Eissa, HR & Admin Manager, Liquid Air-DAL Group.