Sheraz Elhagag- Sales Administration Manager

I joined DAL in June 2009 in the First Batch of Graduates Development Program that was mainly focusing on Supply Chain Management Functions.

The program covered different Supply Chain modules and gave me the privilege to rotate among different business units; in addition to the opportunity to diverse my knowledge, enrich my skills, thoughts and views about how the Business and operations are running and how its vary among the different Sectors and diverse types of Goods and services provided to the Customer.
In May 2010 I have been permanently based in DAL Motors in the Vehicles Sales Admin Department (Supply Chain), where was the beginning of the success and achievements Journey.

The Journey started in a Junior Position in the Sales Admin; the challenge was not only to handle the job duties and responsibilities, but also to recognize and master the Whole Department Functions and its conjunction with other Departments throughout the Whole Chain.

The continuous Support, coaching, trust & motivation provided from my Manager were the main factors which had the greatest influence on my performance, hardworking and willingness to Progress and aiming to Success & excellence in both my Career and Self Development
Moving from one role to a Higher one , until reaching my Current position being in Charge of the Sales Admin Department was not an easy thing to do , as every higher position does not only Mean a Promotion , it means that duties, responsibilities and accountabilities get Expanded and more Efforts & engagement should take place.

More milestones are there in the Journey and more Challenges will come through. The most important things to do in each one, is trying to be creative, Proactive, innovative, and leave a finger print before taking the Next Step in the Ladder of Success.