Agricultural Supply Chain Manager


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Vacancy Details

Job Title:Agricultural Supply Chain Manager
Date Posted:09/01/2019
Closing Date:23/01/2019
Company:DAL Engineering Co. Ltd.
Job Classification:senior-level (7+ years)
Job Category:Supply Chain (Logistics, Procurement, Warehousing, Transport)

Position summary:

To develop and manage the ope rationalization of DIAC's overall Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy in order to maximize process efficiency and productivity from master planning, sourcing, inventory management through to logistics management. The successful outcome is to lead to an effective and efficient Supply Chain value chain that has an overall impact on customer service and excellence. 

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Supply Chain  Direction
    • Provide Supply Chain Management strategies that increase efficiency and speed and and provides clear delivery focus areas for the achievement of overall business results.
  • Supply Market Research & Trend Analysis
    • Lead Supply Market Research in partnership with Research & Development and Product Development functions to inform product sourcing, based on market trends and requirements that meet customer expectations, compliance specifications and quality standards.
  • Product and Service Renewal
    • Develop business proposals and recommendations based on the outcomes of industry market trends and analysis to motivate and support the introduction of evolving technologies, areas of market disruption and supplier bases that promote innovative technologies and future trends in the agriculture sector.                                        
  • Supplier Selection
    • Develop and implement effective systems, processes and criterion to inform Supplier Selection, Supplier Segmentation, Agreement Management and Supplier Performance Management in accordance with company standards related to customer service, delivery and quality targets.                                              
  • Communications and Negotiations with External Suppliers
    • Handle communications and negotiations with external suppliers, where sustainable relationships built on trust and integrity are fostered in order to negotiate the best deals, service guarantees and value-added offerings from suppliers."                                           
  • Supplier Performance Management
    • Develop and implement a Supplier Performance System (metrics, performance goals and improvement initiatives) to track and monitor suppliers against expected service level agreements in order to ensure optimal service delivery and continuous improvement.                                           
  • Sales Operations Planning
    • Lead the Sales and Operations Planning process inclusive of Supply/Demand Forecasting, Inventory Management, and On-time Delivery to ensure overall effectiveness and efficiency of sales team delivery.                                       
  • Forecast Planning
    • Lead the department to develop Planned Forecasts for future demand in order to ensure that orders are placed in a timely fashion and in accordance with vendor lead-time.                                       
  • Logistics Management
    • Develop and enable effective systems, processes and criterion to inform the seamless integration of Logistics Management processes from purchases, to sales, customer delivery, customs clearance and insurance management in order to support per-defined lead times and cost management.                                           
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Lead a culture of continuous improvement where opportunities for improvement to enhance productivity and service delivery is promoted in order to enhance greater efficiencies and effectiveness in Purchasing, Inventory Control and Sales Processes. This will include collaboration with other departments to identify vulnerabilities and close operational gaps.   

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Management or a closely related field.                                         
  • Master’s degree in Supply Chain, MBA or a relevant Field .            
  • Accredited Certification in Supply Chain (Desirable). 
  • 5 Years’ relevant experience in Supply Chain Environment 
  • Experience in Agriculture Industry   

Required Skills & Knowledge:

  • Fluent in English & Arabic                                            
  • Supply Chain Management                                            
  • Sourcing & Procurement Management                                            
  • Demand Planning & Management                                            
  • Logistics Strategy Formulation & Implementation Planning          
  • ERP Systems Working Knowledge                                        
  • Inventory Planning & Control                                            
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)                                            
  • Effective Negotiation                                            
  • Leadership & Coaching Skills

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