Talent Management has become an important business priority for our Organisation and this has enabled us to design a focused talent management process that cuts across the entire talent management value chain. We have defined a dynamic and integrated process which enables DAL to attract the right talents for the right positions, to develop and retain the best talents needed to meet our strategic objectives, deploy these talents to meet various opportunities within and across business areas and support the talents with on-going development interventions through coaching and mentoring to ensure successful career experience.

Keeping our talents engaged

We develop our talents using a process-driven approach which involves assessing the ability, competence or potential related to inherent current and future leadership responsibilities and transitions. Our talent assessment tools also provide us with objective benchmark for making decisions regarding talent’s readiness and potentials for assuming future leadership roles.

To continuously keep our talents refreshed and engaged, we have designed an on-going development strategy that is hinged on our leadership competencies, which are aligned with individual personal development plans. Support structures like formalised mentoring and on-going development feedback have been incorporated into our talent and leadership development strategy.