Leading organisations get to where they are through a constant journey of learning and development. Development of Human Capital is in our heritage. For decades we have been investing in our people, building their capabilities and elevating their calibre with best in class offerings. The Group is actively seeking to provide employees with a working environment that: encourages diversity; stimulates innovation, teamwork, learning and improvement; and rewards individual performance solely on merit.

Investing in our prople

DAL group’s L&D function provides strategic values, skills, business insights and information at all levels of the Group. The objective is that when applied to work it will result in enhanced individual performance and hence business performance. The success of our L&D can be increased by streaming and standardizing systems and processes, leveraging resources & technologies and centralized and decentralized efforts.

Learning Programs

DAL Group offers three learning solutions, which can be categorized as the following:

Company Core Programs

these are key programs to enhance core skills and knowledge such as personal effectiveness, communication, customer orientation, leadership and management.

Function Core Programs

these courses develop skills and build knowledge for jobs connected specifically to DAL such as sales, marketing and finance skills.

Business Specific Programs

are business unit specific technical program